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The Evolution is derived from the basic principles of the Module System. It is made entirely out of food grade plastics and stainless-steel components. Plastic, due to its’ dimensional stability in multitudes of humidity and temperature environments, enhanced wear resistance to abrasion, and having a third of the moisture absorption rate of standard wood boxes. Stainless-steel, because of its ability to withstand the destructive nature of sifting, as well as rust. The Evolution is also made in a modular format, connecting the side rails by the use of our patented corner block system. This allows us to manufacture these trays to any machine size, as well as allows simple replacement of parts should changes of flow within the sifter be necessary. These blocks also enable us to tag each box by what passage it belongs to, what number it is in the section, and what sieve covering has been allocated to that tray


Completely secured fixture points

All components that secure the modular system together are housed internally of the tray. This prevents the possibility of any of these elements ever shaking loose and landing up in your product.

Fitted Insertion Frames

The Evolution’s insertion frames have the added feature of clipping into the tray by way of guiding pins. This ensures that the frame is correctly seated when it is installed and prevents any kind of leak between the frame and the tray, as has been noted with previous wooden varieties of trays.

New Tray Corner Design

The Module System’s 90-degree corner prevented its installation in certain latest machine types. With the Evolution’s 45-degree corner, this tray can not only be fitted into these machines, but can also be retrofitted into any other sifter machine

Optimised Product Flow

Wherever applicable, corners of the Evolution where product may build up have been rounded and streamlined to assist the processed materials in moving through the passage at optimal levels.

Value Added Features

Client Portal

Plasieve has developed within its’ client portal, a truly innovative and unique way to view your mill. Previously, if a member of your team wanted to view the internal flow of a passage, they would have to consult a standard flow chart diagram, which can not only be complicated for an unexperienced person, but also could have been changed since that flow had been draughted. With our Client Portal you have secure access to view tray-by-tray, passage-by-passage, machine-by-machine, and even mill-by-mill, every sifter in your operation.

**Only available for passages of
Evolution Trays


Breakdowns can be some of the most costly faults within milling. With a five-year warranty on the Evolution Trays, we assume some of this responsibility for you. Should one of these trays fail, Plasieve will come to your premises and replace this tray within 48 hours at no cost to you. The sooner operation can resume, the sooner you can reach your deadlines, and the easier it is for you to achieve your objectives.

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