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We have redesigned the Draw-Type System and converted it to the standard sifter tray format. The insertion frame is now housed directly above the corresponding floor and not below the floor tray of the corresponding sieve, as is the case with the original design. This reduces the insertion frame depth as it no longer needs a backing wire and frame cleaner and allows for any standard dual cleaner to be used. Guide rails within the
sifter are realigned and wherever possible, wooden items that come into contact with the product are remanufactured out of Food Grade Plastics or are capped with Stainless Steel, to provide a safer process and
improve longevity of the sifter.


Coded Trays

Each tray is engraved with colour coded tags housed within the moulded corners with what tray number it is, as well as the covering of that tray’s insertion frame.

Modular Concept

All Module boxes are based around our patented corner block technology. This allows us to easily replace any parts if broken, or reflow each box should your needs change.

Designed for any Dual Cleaner

By the use of the standard convention of 29.5mm distance between floor and sieve, any dual cleaner can be used to clean both the sieve and the floor of these trays.

Food Grade Adaptions

Guide Rails within the sifter are realigned to accommodate the redesigned tray. Wherever possible non-food grade elements are replaced with plastic or capped with stainless steel, to offer a full food grade solution