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Plasieve’s mini sifter trays are also built from the Module system design, and similarly can also be manufactured to retrofit into any mini sifter available on the market. This component system allows us to manufacture both three and four channel configurations, or as standard with your machine’s manufacturing specification.
All trays feature interlocking corner blocks, and inlet and outlet systems are made in accordance with your
machine’s design specifications and clamping systems.


Interlocking Corner Blocks

Each tray has interlocking corner blocks design to interact with your machine’s clamping system, to ensure a perfect fit and a tight seal on all trays.

Custom Outlet Systems

Outlet Boxes are manufactured to specification, ensuring that this can be retro-fitted into any mini-sifter machine type

Modular Concept

All Module boxes are based around our patented corner block technology. This allows us to easily replace any parts if broken, or reflow each box should your needs change.

Designed for any Dual Cleaner

By the use of the standard convention of 29.5mm distance between floor and sieve, any dual cleaner can be used to clean both the sieve and the floor of these trays.